Integrated Design Tool for Assessing Short and Long-term Impacts of Urban Scale Conceptual Designs 

Urban developers are increasingly faced with the need to design projects at massive scales, beyond the experience of designers and the capacity of existing tools, such as the 600-acre Chicago Lakeside Development project on Chicago’s South Side. UrbanCCD and its partners are developing a general-purpose open workflow framework, LakeSim, to integrate city design/configuration tools with computational modeling tools. By adapting scientific simulations used to model energy demand and supply, environment and climate, or infrastructure to the appropriate scale, LakeSim will improve the ability of Lakeside designers to explore the impacts of changes to design and engineering, zoning, and other aspects of urban design. In contrast to one-time, customized integration of specific tools, LakeSim's open workflow framework is intended enable the incorporation of an array of tools over time. When completed, LakeSim will allow planners and developers to explore a wider range of designs more quickly, without the lengthy periods of re-analysis currently required for each aspect of the development when a new strategy is proposed.

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