Chicago Empowerment/Enterprise Zones overlaid on Chicago Community Area Map depicting "Hardship Index"

by Tyler R. 

This map is meant to visualize the Chicago Empowerment and Enterprise Zones in relation to community area. These zones have been overlaid on a map that ranks community area by "hardship index;" the hardship index is measure by a series of metrics such as: high school diploma holders, households living under the poverty line, percent unemployed, per capita income. The map depicts the community areas hardship index on a spectrum from green to red, or lowest level of hardship to the highest hardship index respectively. Visualization of this particular data set could enable the city and private investment of locations regions/zones that are underserved. The Chicago Empowerment and Enterprise Zones are meant to help "stimulate economic growth and neighborhood revitalization" in targeted zones. These Zones are part of a Federal/State/Local partnership that provides state and/or local tax incentives to private firms that expand or relocate into these zones. A more interesting map, if data were to be made available, would be to map specific Enterprise/Empowerment beneficiaries including the incentives they have received, their investments, and their hiring of individuals living in community areas with the highest hardship index.