Communication Windows: Connecting Communites, Erasing Borders

by Suzie S.

The purpose of this map is to understand the necessity for residents in Chicago to have a “communication window” at home to communicate with their loved ones living far away. Since people who live alone and people who came from far away (which often overlap with people who speak a different language) are the ones who need long-distance communication the most, the three databases I used are “Languages Spoken in Chicago,” “Selected Socioeconomic Indicators in Chicago,” and “Boundaries- Community Areas.” The statistics that I picked up from the databases include every community’s percent of housing crowded, per house income, predominant non-English language, and foreign language speakers. Through the map, it is obvious that residents along lakeshore tend to live with fewer people and also tend to have more incomes, while communities with more foreign language speakers tend to have relatively lower average income. According to the map, the two conditions, which are “residents who live with few people or live alone ” and “residents who speak a foreign language,” are more contrary than overlapping with each other, so in this project, they would possibly be two separate groups of potential consumers.