Family Tracker, Crime and the CTA

Ashley C.

To go along with my family tracker, I came up with a map that shows where most crimes have occurred, where the police stations in the city are located, and where the CTA stops are. My idea was to create a map that would help people get to their destinations safely. First, I chose to show where most crimes occur so that users could know which areas were safer than others. This can be seen from the shades of blue. Dark blue depicts the most number of crimes and tan would be the least amount of crimes. Second, I planned to show where the CTA stops were located, since a majority of people living in Chicago use public transit. This can be seen in the green dots. The larger the dot, the greater the number of stops, and the smaller the dot, the lower the amount of stops. With these two pieces of information combined together, users would know which locations were safest to get to their destination. Lastly, I chose to include police stations for the users to understand where police patrolling was most intense. These can be seen by the white dots. This would be able to help users if there were very minimal CTA stops that were safe. Users could then feel safer knowing that police were very abundant around the stop they were using, even if it was not traditionally a safe neighborhood.