Relationships of Gun Vioence

by Fino F.

According to the article from The Washington Post of last month, Chicago has had more homicides this year than New York and Los Angeles combined. Therefore, it inspired me to create a visualized map for exploring the safety issue of Chicago society. The black background, the gradually varied orange dots and animated cumulative blue dots combined the map to represent the connection within Chicago communities, city crime cases and the gun violations.

In the article, it mentioned the gun violence, or we say weapon violation, has been the primary issue of the whole Chicago crime cases. By using of the dark mapping background for representing the crime mood, different white polygons for expressing the community blocks, the dots of gradient red for the total case number of Chicago crime are scattered over the map. The animated cumulative blue dots gradually overlapping and blinking over the orange dots, eventually, it mostly occupies the area where the orange dots forms. Working through the map creating process, it really helps me better understand the relationship within the weapon violations, crime and social communities. And I hope, we should all be warned by these dangerous issues and using data mapping as an important method to figure out the real reason about the increasing of Chicago crime, which hasn’t been figured out yet.

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